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Memory Care at Chandler Place Assisted Living & Memory Care

Our Memory Care program, Pathways to Discovery, is designed to help seniors with memory impairments remain active, engaged, and happy, with support from a loving staff, specialized programs, and purpose-built memory care neighborhoods. Pathways to Discovery is led by a Dementia Care Specialist who oversees programming, activities, services and support to ensure that residents feel secure, engaged, and happy every day.

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Pathways to Discovery

Pathways to Discovery is a cutting-edge Memory Care program that has been developed over the past twenty-five years in close consultation with dementia care experts from across the country. Pathways to Discovery uses life-skills, music therapy, art therapy, and other techniques to help residents maintain their identity, their dignity, and their skills, passions, and interests. We never define our residents with memory loss by their disability but by their abilities.

Individualized Programming

When a resident moves into Pathways to Discovery, we undertake a complete life review, asking detailed questions about the resident’s preferences, life history, and health status to develop a customized care plan to maximize wellbeing and function. We engage families deeply in this process and work closely with families throughout their loved one’s stay with us to ensure that their loved one is thriving.


At Chandler Place Assisted Living & Memory Care, we’re determined to make sure that Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia are not necessarily a barrier to a high quality of life. Our residents live in an amenity-rich environment with robust programming to ensure that the greatest possible quality of life can be achieved.

We’re here to make you feel at home.